Our Creation

VOA FINE JEWELLERY was created out of love for all things pretty, an appreciation for the craftsmanship and passion for design.

With a career background in retail and wholesale jewellery that went on for almost 10 years, Maya took on a personal challenge as a Creative Director to showcase her vision, whilst proudly working with local jewellers and suppliers.

All of the jewellery has been designed and created right here in Sydney, allowing control of the entire process from start to finish to be at arms reach.

Maya was given her first piece of fine jewellery by her grandmother at the young age of 6. It was a yellow gold ring set with a Ruby centre stone; right then and there the love for jewellery began. The teenage and early twenties Maya travelled to different countries, drawing inspirations from each place she went and in 2009 finally settled at one of Australia’s largest jewellery wholesale and manufacturing companies. Except, the idea of owning her own jewellery business was never too far behind.

Coming close to a decade working in Jewellery Retail and Wholesale industry it was time to take the next step in evolving both personally and professionally and in 2019 VOA was born. 

"It is a pretty incredible feeling to see your pieces come to life, while being able to support the local economy right here in the place so lucky to call home"

Maya, originally from Kiev, Ukraine, moved to Sydney in 2004 and soon after called it her forever home, where she shares with her ever supporting husband and two beautiful sons.