For hundreds of years, Sapphires have been one of the best known and widely recognised species of all the gemstone.  Their value increases over time, and unlike the assessment of diamonds, they are evaluated by the vibrancy of their colour and cut.

 “Value is in the eye of the beholder.”

Sapphires not only come in shades of blue, but they also come in an array of gorgeous colours such a Pink, Yellow and White; the three signature VOA colours.

Sapphires are September’s birthstone, marking the beginning of spring and the launch of VOA Fine Jewellery. 

The Process

When creating your very own ring, our complimentary ring sizer will assist you in this process. You can choose from 13 different sizes to fit any finger you wish.  Our sapphire stones are hand cut individually in your choice of three shapes, Emerald, Oval and Heart shape.

Each stone will then go through a rigorous quality control process. Our in-house gemmologist then arrange these petite stones in a set to ensure the uniformity of colour and cut of your ring. 

Disclosure: as the stones are all natural and the process of creating your bespoke ring is individual - not in a massive factory - please allow for slight variations between each ring. We love the uniqueness this creates for each of you. Your unique set of stones is then claw set individually in 18K gold, polished ready for packaging and shipped out to you.

Final Products

How often are you able to create and wear such a high-end luxurious product? One that is so simple, magnificent and is also a standout everyday piece that can be incorporated into your style?

The thought behind this classic range is to allow our VOA girls to incorporate luxe with simplicity for any occasion. We allow this to happen through our signature range set with a durable gemstone species, the sapphires.

Our 18Karat Gold bespoke infinity style ring in your choice of Pink White or Yellow is the perfect gift for any occasion.