Vermeil vs Gold Plated

Confused about the term 18k Vermeil and 18k Gold Plated when purchasing jewellery?

So what's the difference?

Products that are labelled Vermeil (Ver-May) or Gold Plated usually mean that you are buying silver that is coated with gold, whether it be 14k 18k or 24k. 


The silver jewellery is dipped in a bath of electroplating solution, the difference between the two is that Vermeil is dipped for a longer period of time, creating a thicker layer of gold.

Although it is preferred to have Vermeil jewellery,  it doesn't make it invincible to tarnishing...

No matter how thick the plating is, after a while the gold will unfortunately tarnish.  But, there are ways for you to extend the life of your jewellery.   See our article HERE


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