How To Look After Your Gold Jewellery



Solid gold jewellery doesn't tarnish or fade with time,  although when wearing mixed gold such as 18k and 14k, you need to look after them a little more. Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you below.

1. Can you wear solid gold jewellery in the shower?

Yes, you can wear your solid gold jewellery in the shower, although it is not recommended.

WHY? Over time the gold can become dull and loose its shine, especially jewellery with gemstones set in.  The gemstones become lack lustre and soap scum can build up between the setting also making the piece more dull.

When you can, take your jewellery off when showering.

2. Can you wear gold jewellery in the pool or beach?

We get that most people don't want to take their jewellery off because they may loose it. 

When swimming in the swimming pools, we recommend not doing so as the chlorine can degrade the gold.

When swimming at the beach (salt water) it is also recommended not to, as the jewellery can become dull overtime, although if you rinse with cold water immediately this will help to wash the salt residue off. 

If you do decide to wear jewellery in the salt water, always remember to polish your jewellery after rinsing with cold water with the gold polishing cloth we provide to ensure they always stay clean and shiny. 

3. How do you clean your jewellery at home?

It's a pain to have to go to your local jeweller to have your jewellery cleaned, so we have a little easy tip for you on how to clean your jewellery at home.

Step 1: Place your jewellery in a ramequin with white vinegar for 10-15mins

Step 2: Swish it around a bit 

Step 3: Rinse under cold water 

Step 4: Polish with gold polishing cloth for that extra shine

This method is not recommended for opal and pearl jewellery!  We recommend using a drop of soap in a cup of water and using a soft toothbrush to gently brush the gold around the opal and pearl. Immediately rinse with cold water and use the polishing cloth to clean.


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