Do I get to keep the engagement ring?

We've all at one point asked each other this question... Who gets to keep the engagement ring after a break up?  Well, as we've found out,  every case is different and either party is able to keep or take back the engagement ring.

We need to start by explaining that in the court of law, engagement rings are symbolised as what you would call a deposit for a contact, in this case, the contract is the marriage.

From what I understand, there are four main principles that we can follow;

If the Groom calls of the engagement without legal justification, then he CANNOT demand the ring back.  Ultimately,  the Bride gets to keep it

If the bride calls of the engagement, then she WILL HAVE to give the ring back.  This is because she was not able to fulfil the promise of the contract.

If the engagement was called off mutually, then BOTH parties will have to give back all gifts they have bought each other for the deposit of the contract.  The Bride will have to give the ring back, and the Groom gives back the gifts that he received.  This does not mean all the gifts that have been bought over the entire relationship!

After the wedding, the contract has been fulfilled by both parties.  This means that the Bride DOES NOT have to give the ring back as it is her gift as she is seen as fulfilling the contract.

Of course, in most cases, the break up is a lot more complicated, there are a lot more variables to the basic principles that I have come up with.  I have tried to make it as less confusing and lawyer like for you all to read as a general rule of thumb. 
Hope this has cleared up some of your thoughts on this matter.


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