Diamond Controversy


Have you ever wondered why diamonds are the preferred choice of gemstone around the world?

When we asked around, most women believe that diamonds are REALLY rare, and this is one of their justifying factors as to why they are all paying or are willing to pay what they do. 

Is it really worth the price tag?

IT IS true  that at one stage diamonds were deemed as rare, back in the first half of the 1800’s! BUT, this was way before the African mines were discovered… Since then, diamonds are now commercially mined in over 12 different countries with an abundance of supply.

So, why do we see such an abundance of white diamonds in practically all jewellery stores if they are sooo rare?  Other than the fancy colours such as blue, pink, yellow diamonds, which are actually rarer than white, this is because the white diamond trade is a controlled industry!
Knowing this, what did make diamonds so desirable and why do people associate love and engagement with diamonds?

Jean Dousset diamond fine jewellery oval cut

This is actually because of the very successful marketing strategy of a giant company in late 1930’s, De Beers, who also control majority of the diamond industry.  They associated diamonds with love and for the use in engagement rings.

diamond colourless price tag online

“Diamonds are forever”

Now, we’re not pointing fingers, but have we been tricked into thinking that diamonds are the be all end all of gemstones in the jewellery industry for practically a hundred years?

This has us thinking, so what is actually rare, what is worth the price tag?

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