Caring for your gold plated jewellery

Ever wondered why some of your jewellery turn silver when its meant to be gold?

The gold plating on your jewellery doesn't last forever - so here are some of our tips on how to keep it gold for longer:

  1. Keep your jewellery dry and away from water; this means take of before showering, washing the dishes, swimming
  2. Store your jewellery back into its box after each wear to keep off dust and seperate it from getting scratch against other pieces of jewellery
  3. Do not spray perfume whilst wearing your jewellery, put your jewellery on after you have sprayed your perfume
  4. Stay away from jewellery cleaners as it may have certain components that will tarnish the gold off
  5. To clean use a soft clean microfibre cloth, but stay away from gold polishing cloths

Have we missed anything?  Have any more questions you'd like answered?  Comment below x

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