Best Necklace Length to Suit Every Neckline

Necklaces in various length - the best length for you

" What if it's too short? "

Shopping online and not sure what necklace length you should purchase?  Ever thought to yourself, how long is that going to fit around my neck... what if it's too short?  What if it's too long?  Argh, help!

We're here to ease the anxiety so you can make the right choices.  Our table below quickly summarises different chain lengths and how they will flatter you and your outfits. 

So what is the best necklace length to suit you and your style...

" What if it's too long? "

16 inch or 40 cm

 CHOKER - falls just by the base of the neckline, just above the collarbone

Worn with: Almost everything!

18 inch or 45cm

 PRINCESS  - falls just below or on the collarbone, the most common length woman wear.

This is the most flattering length and can with worn with everything

20-24 inch or 50-60cm

 MATINÉE - falls between the collar and the bust, works with most necklines

Works great with casual wear


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