Why is the lead time for one of our rings so long you ask?

We want you to be able to choose what size is your perfect fit. So we've given you more than just a drop-down menu, we've given you the luxury to choose your perfect fit. With every purchase of a Signature Sapphire ring, we send out a ring sizer with over ten sizes to choose from.  

Each one of our made to order rings follow this process; 
  1. You choose the colour and shape of your preferred ring
  2. We send you a reusable complementary metal ring sizer
  3. Let us know your finger size
  4. To ensure uniformity and high quality, our in-house gemologist hand selects each of the stones for your rig
  5. The stones are then set by our professional master craftsman 
  6. We then clean and polish your ring
  7.  Your ring is then hand packaged and send straight to your door.


Sapphire being set into our 18k gold ring


Fun Facts: 

-Did you know that every single stone set in your ring takes up to an hour to hand cut and polish before it is sent to VOA’s HQ to then be hand selected again?  

-In each piece, there are over 30+ stones!!

Not sure which finger you want to wear it on? Check out some of the photos below on how we like to wear it.



If you have any other questions, post a comment below, and we will happily answer any more queries you have.

x VOA 

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